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Alcohol Server Permittees need guidance – call it House Policies Get yours NOW!

House Policies

Did You Know?
Alcohol Related House Policies can reduce fines and penalties!

How?  Why?
Read WAC 314-29-015


House Policies for Your Company

  • What ID's do we accept
  • What ID's do we NOT accept
  • Service to minors – ramifications
  • Overservice – ramifications
  • Drinking on duty
  • Drinking off duty
  • Etc…
  • Signature: S.R. Employee


  • Minimize incidents of service to minors
  • Minimize incidents of over service
  • Demonstrate proactive measures to promote public safety
  • Mitigate fines and penalties
  • Available to post for your employees
  • Signed acknowledgement by your employees

Cost: $50.00

After payment has been made we'll contact you to verify your information and then email a copy of your House Policies within 24-48 hours.

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