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If you have a liquor license to sell alcohol for on premises consumption then you have employees with Alcohol Servers Permits: Class 12 Permits and/or Class 13 Permits.

If anyone at your establishment violates a liquor law, both the employee and the licensee will generally receive a citation. To determine the fines and penalties to be assessed by the court and what additional actions may be recommended for the employee and the licensee, an investigation will be conducted.

During the investigation they may look at mitigating / aggravating circumstances (things like House Policies, Annual Training Programs, etc). On many occasions the court recommends the employee, the licensee and/or the entire staff attends a "Responsible Liquor Sales Class".

When you read About US you will discover that in addition to assisting establishments with House Policies and Annual Training, we also conduct "Responsible Liquor Sales Classes".

During our Responsible Liquor Sales Classes we cover:

  1. Details regarding the situation that caused the citation and how to avoid future incidents
  2. Current laws and regulations
  3. Your "House Policies", (if requested)
  4. Our special guaranteed procedure for "How to avoid serving a minor"
  5. Checking ID's and Acceptable / Unacceptable ID’s for age verification
  6. Issue MAST permits: Discounted price for anyone who needs a permit (requires additional time)

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